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Digital 55 Advancing Productivity Tool for Members

With 25 years of experience between them, Josh Torres and Isaac Lee express great passion when discussing the vital role chambers of commerce play in local communities. Having both worked extensively within chambers, they bring first-hand knowledge to the essentiality of such business-driven membership organizations.

The necessity of chambers to adapt, evolve and uphold their relevance is what led Josh and Isaac to develop a revolutionary concept which will help such business organizations maintain their critical place in the continuously changing corporate world.

ChamberLife is a new productivity tool for chambers which allows them to more effectively manage the recruitment and retention of members. The product creates an automated process to stay on task, focus on revenue-driven activities and enhance relationships with membership.

“This is a product which will improve chamber productivity,” said Torres, co-founder of ChamberLife Technologies. “If they follow the steps of this program, they’ll see higher rates in retaining and bringing in new members. And membership is the lifeblood of chambers.”

According to Lee, chambers of commerce have struggled in recent years maintaining relationships with members as they battle too often with operational and funding hurdles.

“ChamberLife builds in efficiency so more time can be spent working on mission-critical items,” Lee said. “We created a game-changer that will allow chambers to stay on task and know exactly who to contact and when to contact them. This process will tag and trigger the next task for the chamber with a deadline, and keep the task automated throughout.”


The implementation of ChamberLife requires advanced technology and software development, something the entrepreneurs were seeking assistance with. They partnered with Digital-55, a creative marketing firm with extensive experience in cloud-based development.

“We developed a simple, but potent CRM which produces solid lead generation,” said Greg Whitlow, CEO, Digital-55. “Our technology was critical to implement with ChamberLife to encompass its features and sleek design. We took our technology and wrapped it around their productivity tool.”

Whitlow added that existing membership management systems in the marketplace are not adequately designed to accommodate the needs of chambers, so Digital-55 customized its product, built in automation and developed a workflow for best optimization. “Now, even one-person chambers will be able to accomplish their goals of retention and new membership,” Whitlow added.

As a full-service marketing agency, Digital-55 will also offer a discounted bundle package for ChamberLife users, which will include a custom website, full service email marketing and dedicated customer care and technology support, Whitlow said.

To get their concept started, the entrepreneurs worked with local entrepreneurial support groups including NextTech Ohio, and Mercy Health. Torres said these groups provided funding, mentoring and technical assistance.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Josh and Isaac on ChamberLife, as a former chamber employee, I immediately saw the value that they were creating. The founders’ are motivated, positive clients, and Mercy Health is pleased that through the ESP grant we were able to assist them with the development of their product so that they could go to market. We are excited by the early adoption of so many clients with their Beta version, and know that their tool will have a positive impact.” Megan Reichert
Director, Innovation, Mercy Health – Toledo.

ChamberLife received its first endorsement recently when the Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance agreed to test the product through its membership consisting of more than 100 statewide chambers of commerce.

“There’s no other tool like this which automates productivity,” Torres said. “We’re very confident chambers which utilize this will realize greater success in creating stronger, more dynamic communities.”

To learn more about ChamberLife Technologies, visit memberlife.tech. Digital-55, a Maumee-based agency, can be found at digital-55.com.